Thursday’s Thoughts – Mushrooms

It seems I’ve become a part-time nature iPhoneographer. I really love finding interesting little bits of nature to photograph. And utilizing my iPhone is very convenient. Every time I go on a walk or even just wander in the yard I find something unique to take a picture of.

My most recent finds were some mushrooms. Mushrooms fascinate me. Every single one of them is different. There is a variety of colors and shapes and sizes. Here are the best ones I found the other day after a heavy rain.

Really awesome patterns on the top of this one!


This one is my favorite!


There is my new collection of mushroom pictures! I saw a bright yellow one on the side of the driveway as I was pulling out this morning. If it’s still sitting pretty I’ll snap it tonight. I share most of my pics on Instagram if you are interested in following me. @heatherraye85

Enjoy the photos!  And think about the wonderful world outdoors. :)

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