Thursday’s Thoughts – Dinner Fail

Last night’s dinner was a huge failure.  I didn’t burn anything, or forget any major ingredients. But it was inedible.

Hubby and I will eat anything. There isn’t anything he doesn’t like, except for cottage cheese and cilantro. I don’t have any issues with any foods any more. I used to not like mushrooms or olives. But it’s strange how being a real foodie will change things.

The presentation of our meal was delicious. We had our roasted chicken fresh off the farm, a purple cabbage dish, and yellow summer squash. A typical paleo-esque meal for the Robertsons. There was plenty of color and it looked beautiful. The chicken tasted great. I was surprised how tender it was. I wasn’t surprise how little meat was on it. Since it wasn’t a meat chicken and it was a rooster I didn’t expect to get much from it. We ate almost all of it and Bella finished it off. (Sans bones so she wouldn’t choke. Plus the bones went to the stock pot.)

Purple cabbage. A lovely color to a lovely food. There are a few different things to do with purple cabbage. I utilized the search function on Pinterest and found some tasty ideas. The recipe I chose sounded really good. Onions, apples, purple cabbage and some spices. The issue was in the spices. The main one was caraway. It’s something I’ve used maybe once and didn’t really remember. There isn’t much smell to it in the jar and it looks like little seeds. Well, once it braised in the dish, it turned against us. The smell was odd, and I attributed it to the cabbage, since I know it can smell strong when cooked. I served it up on our plates and one bite later, I knew it was no good. And it was definitely the caraway.

I never rarely throw food away. A good thing I learned back in the day from my mother. Save food = save money. Unfortunately neither of us could handle the caraway infested cabbage dish. It had onions in it so I couldn’t try to pawn it off to the dog. We ate as much as we could and away it went.

The second dish that joined the purple cabbage in the trash was yellow summer squash. Now, you must know that I generally eat summer squash. I don’t have an issue with it when it is sautéed with a little onion and olive oil with salt and pepper. Well I tried to be fancy and added a few spices to mix it up. Chili powder and paprika. I know the chili powder wasn’t the issue. I’ve used it before on yellow squash and it has been fine. The problem was the paprika. This last time around when purchasing the paprika, I found out when I got home that I got smoked paprika. It actually smells really good and was tasty when I’ve used it in other dishes. Unfortunately it did not mesh well with yellow squash and chili powder. It was barely palatable as well. Sadness.

I’ve recently been saying that “it’s all about the spices” and I found that to be true even in the negative. The spices you put in a dish can make or break it. Fortunately so far, I’ve only had one evening of “broken” dishes. I honestly didn’t feel too terrible about the situation. In the four years we’ve  been married, this was the first meal that I’ve had to throw out. I’d call that a fairly high rate of success. Hopefully I’ll keep the good meals cooking for a while yet.

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  1. Funny! I get it with the caraway. I’ve nearly had the same experience with curry. Those are both acquired tastes….and I’ve not acquired a taste for either! Glad though that I taught you to rarely if ever throw food out….I always ate the burnt toast. :)

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