Thursday’s Thoughts – Occupied

You may have noticed that I have been neglecting my blog lately. It’s not for lack of creativity or ideas for writing. It is more the fact that I have been overly occupied by an upcoming major life change.


Yay! Much of my research and activities have been baby related and I wasn’t quite ready to share them yet. Also, I have been overly tired and have battled some nausea as many women do in the first trimester. It really puts a damper on things when I can’t keep my eyes open to type or when they are open and I have to avoid the sight of food and trying new recipes. I seem to be regaining some of my energy and the queasiness is fading, finally. That being said, I expect to be attending to my writing as usual for the next several months. There may be another break when Baby gets here, but that is a bit down the road.

I hope you will enjoy this part of the journey with me and my Hubby as we continue our adventure!

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