Just stop for a moment and imagine this scene:

You are going down the curved road, slightly drowsy from the early hour and focused on balancing  your cup of coffee in one hand and staying on the road with the other. After a minute or so of getting in the groove of pursuing your commute to work, you notice the orange glow of sunlight hitting the tops of the trees. Slowly the trees become gold tinted in the sunlight, reflecting the wonderful display of green, orange, yellow, brown, and red.

As the road curves along the colors become more vivid in the morning light. The glow from the sunshine creates hues that can’t me matched any other time of day. Turning on another road and heading up and down the hills at higher speeds the colorful array speeds past. Cresting the top of one hill and heading down to the lowest point on the road, you see an astounding sight. Amidst the traffic, and road construction on the bridge at the bottom of the hill, patches of fog has crept in between the trees lining the roadway. The orange glow of the sunshine has increased and highlights the contrast of the white fog and the colors of the trees.

Past the road construction and up another hill comes a clearing, a field that was full of cotton plants just last week. The evidence of the fresh harvest scattered on the sides of the road. You turn your head and see the sunshine coming over the trees and the rays spread out between the fog. Its so thick in areas that you can look right at the sun and see the beauty of the natural light. Of course you can only look for a second before turning back to the road, wishing that time could stand still for a moment longer as you take it all in.

Hoping to get another glance at the spectacular sunrise, the trees step aside again and another field opens up. Your breath catches as you see the sight. In the far corner is a broken down barn, that probably isn’t as old as it looks, but has been neglected so as to appear from another time. The trees around one side of the barn are full of all the amazing colors of fall. As you glance toward the scene the sunlight streaks through the cracks in the barn. Fog is surrounding the ground at the base of the barn, stretching out to the field that contains a hay bale or two. Words cannot accurately portray the split second scene that will only be etched in your memory as one of the most beautiful views.

The rest of the drive is enhanced with more quick views of colorful trees, and patches of fog, all lit by the changing glow of the sunrise. Fall is most definitely the best time of year for mornings.

I am blessed.

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