My Essential Oil Success

Over the past year, I have been using doTERRA essential oils, and I am blown away at the effectiveness of these little drops. You can use these oils for everything. I’m not even kidding.

First off if you don’t know what essential oils are, let me explain. Essential oils come from the stems, bark, leaves, roots, and flowers of different plants. There are all sorts of essential oils out there, used in a variety of products and for different uses. Most people associate essential oils with aromatherapy, which is one of the best ways to use them. doTERRA essential oils are unique in that they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils. This puts them way above industry standards in quality and effectiveness. I won’t go into all that now, but I will say that doTERRA really has it figured out on how to make good oils. They can be used aromatically, topically, and some can be used internally. This allows for greater effectiveness in using the oils.

The best way that I can explain the benefits of doTERRA essential oils is to tell you how they worked so well for me.


The first example is using OnGuard blend for illness. This is a blend of  Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary oils. It is most commonly used for immune boosting. And that is exactly why it helped me. I generally get some sort of cold or bug once or twice a year when the weather changes seasonally. One particular instance my throat started hurting just a tad and my joints felt a little stiff. I was not in the mood to deal with a sore throat and fever. I rubbed a little of the OnGuard on my throat and went to bed early. I woke up a couple of times in the night, sweaty, and felt like I had run a low fever. I didn’t feel as bad as I expected in the morning! My throat was still a little icky feeling so I filled a Nalgene water bottle and added one drop of OnGuard. (This particular blend is very strong!) I sipped on the water all day while at work and by evening I felt completely back to normal! I know the rest and fever helped quite a bit, but I give a lot of credit to the essential oils.

Knowing how my body usually reacts to a little bug and being able to stop it in its tracks with a little immune support makes me so happy! I’ve used it a couple of times since then for instances of feeling the crud coming on. It has helped tremendously. I also use it regularly at home in my bathroom soap. You may know that I love to make my own stuff, and foaming hand soap is one of those items, so naturally I added some essential oils. OnGuard is my oil of choice for bathroom soap. Keeps those particular germs at a minimum.Peppermint_15ml

The second major success was this past summer. If you follow me on Facebook or have read a few of my blog posts, you know I am currently pregnant. Over the summer I was suffered from morning sickness. And it wasn’t just morning. It was all day. Peppermint was my lifesaver. I used it topically on my stomach and on my chest or neck where I could benefit from the scent. Even opening the bottle to take a whiff of the peppermint was enough to ease the nausea. I’ve never had something work so quickly for an ailment. Every time I used it, I was startled at how it worked quickly and effectively.

I have found that when I use these oils, they work FAST. And to many that can be a very important factor. In my case with the nausea, I still needed to feed my husband dinner and I need nutrients for my growing baby. Nipping the nausea quickly was very important. That and the fact that it is no fun at all to feel sick. I have great sympathy for women that struggle with nausea throughout their entire pregnancy! I like to share my peppermint love when I hear of someone struggling with morning sickness.

I have plenty of other wonder stories with these oils, but I won’t share them all now. I just want to give you a little taste at how wonderful they are and how much I love them. And when I say I use them all the time I mean it. In addition to rubbing them on our bodies at various times, I use them in soap, homemade cleaning products, in my coffee with a touch of coconut milk, homemade pain relief cream, and lotions. My hubby even makes his own shampoo and uses a different oil every time. (I think my ways have rubbed off on him a little bit.) I have yet to benefit from diffusing them in the house, as I do not own a diffuser, but hopefully that will be amended come Christmas. 😉

That wraps up this post on doTERRA essential oils. I will be sharing more with you. Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions! I would love to share these wonders with you! You can also click on the link to my store on the side bar of this blog if you want to browse.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and the information shared here is my opinion. doTERRA wellness products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent illness. Speak with a medical professional if you have health concerns.

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  1. I just came over from Growing Home and am so glad I did. I am a new doTERRA IPC. I got in because of my children’s special needs and how many people say EOs can help their symptoms. I have been shocked at how they help so many other things. I had a tummy bug this week. I was in the bathroom constantly. I was tired and drained. I put 2 drops of DigestZen and 2 drops of Peppermint in a capsule with coconut oil and my tummy issues have completely stopped. I didn’t have anymore time spent in the restroom. I had to take it for a few days to keep it under control while my body fought off the infection, but I am so glad I had them. We have seen awesome things using EOs with our kids, ourselves, and our home. I just blogged about it last week on my blog because of how many changes we have seen.

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