Lavender Love

lavender love

Sleep has always been an issue for me. I’ve never been a good sleeper. There’s always too much going on in my mind. Or I’m itchy. Or someone is snoring. Or I’m overtired. Or I’m just not wanting to sleep but I know I need to. I struggled for years trying to just get a good night sleep. Changes in diet have made some difference for that, but the best thing I have found is Lavender essential oil.

I simply rub a drop on each foot. And on my wrists because the floral scent is soothing and I like to smell it as I fall asleep.  One of Lavender’s most common uses is to calm and relax. I have found it to be a true lifesaver in that area.

The calming properties of Lavender are also great for cuts and scrapes. If I get tangled up in some bushes and get scraped I will rub some Lavender on it and it will heal quickly and take away the sting. It is also useful for bug bites. When the bugs get through my defenses or I forget to put on my DIY Bug Repellent, the Lavender will soothe the itchiness almost immediately.

Lavender has been used since ancient times for bathing, perfume, mummification, and cooking. The Egyptians and Romans are especially particular to it.  I’ve never used it for mummification or cooking, but I’d like to experiment with the latter. Apparently you can get some good flavors when added to citrusy dishes or desserts.

I use Lavender in all sorts of things around my house. For example, baby wipe solution, lotion bars, face wash, household cleaner, and even to calm a cranky baby. It’s my number one oil I go for when something is amiss. If something is out of order, a little calming Lavender oil will do the trick!

Have you used Lavender essential oil?

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