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It’s camping season!

Autumn is my favorite time to camp. The weather gets amazing, the trees are beautiful, and hopefully the bugs are not as numerous! One thing I’ve learned about camping over the years is to be prepared. We probably bring a little too much stuff with us. Which may seem odd since we are fairly minimalistic in everything else. But you never know what might come up.

Something that always travels with me now are my Essential Oils. I don’t have room for all of them because I do want to save some space for the s’mores, but I’d like to share my top choices for camping. (And I know s’more are not in the real food category, but it is good to have special treats every now and then!)

TerraShield – Even in Fall the bugs may still be out. This essential oil blend from doTERRA is my favorite for keeping the bugs away. It is effective for mosquitoes, gnats, bees, and flies. I tried it out this weekend in a spray bottle with water. It was very easy to apply all over and helped (for the most part!) to keep the bugs away.

Cedarwood – This is my back up bug repellant. Sometimes the mosquitoes are extra thick and TerraShield by itself will not keep them away. Apply this neat on arms, legs, and neck. It is also very effective at keeping ticks away. It’s safe for dogs too so you can keep your furry friend from being bit.

Serenity – Sleeping out in the forest can be extremely peaceful. But occasionally there is that one cricket that is so much louder than all the rest and won’t allow you to sleep. Put a little Serenity on your feet and wrists and you’ll be dreaming quickly.

On Guard – Catching germy bugs is not very likely when exploring the great outdoors, but just in case your body starts to fight something, this will help. Give your body an immune system boost to help it fight off any unsuspecting germs.

Past Tense – There is nothing worse than getting a headache with no relief available. Past Tense is my hubby’s go to for headache relief. There is no way we would go camping without it. Don’t let a headache ruin a good trip!

Balance – Just face it. There are elements to travel and camping that are stressful. Especially if you have a baby or children. To keep the stress from ruining the trip, add a little Balance to it. This helps me greatly any time I am feeling overwhelmed and need to just bring it all back down a notch. It amazes me the effects doTERRA Essential Oils have on emotions!

Breathe – Cool night temps and campfire smoke can overwhelm the respiratory system just a tad. No need to get stuffed up or bothered by that throat tickle! Breathe will open you up like nothing else.

I also had a roller bottle of Lavender that has a wide variety of uses. It’s great for if the bugs get past your other defenses and you end up with itchy bites. If you get any scrapes or cuts from hiking or end up in some poison ivy, Lavender will soothe and assist your body in healing because of its antiseptic properties.

One other oil that would be a great addition to camping would be Frankincense. Although, I was hesitant to pack it because if I were to lose or break that bottle I would probably cry. It’s quite valuable!

Camping is the most rustic of weekend getaways and it is always my favorite. And even if you don’t prefer sleeping in a tent, this list of oils is great for any type of travel. It will keep you prepared for just about anything!

How do you stay prepared when camping?

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