Peek into a Minimalist’s Bathroom Cabinet

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I can’t stand clutter.

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that things will pile up. Even as a minimalistic as I am, I still end up with stray items in random places. One place that often collects items is a bathroom cabinet.

I opened my bathroom cabinet the other day and realized that I had let it go too long. Some intense organization was due. So I sorted out what I actually use and got rid of the rest. I’ve really been in an organizing and unloading mood lately. (And when that happens you better take advantage of it!)

I found several items that I don’t use any more because I’ve replaced them with natural products. Things like sunscreen, headache medicine, lotions, and make-up were tossed. Now, I either make my own, use essential oils, or purchase pure products instead. There are quite a few things that I got rid of, but I won’t confess bore you with what else was in there.

As far as what I found necessary to keep, well, it’s probably more than a true minimalist, but it’s carefully organized and much easier to access. I have a set of drawers that hold spare glasses, cotton swabs, and contact cases. I have some travel bags behind the drawers. Easy to get to but out of the way.

I have a large drawer that has nail polish. I have a weakness for nail polish. I am moving toward using less toxic polish. One awesome product I found was Jamberry nail wraps. I love them. Especially easy to use with a little guy around. It’s hard to find a slot of time long enough to let my nails dry if I paint them.

There is a bin of medical type supplies with an ace bandage, homeopathic remedies, and homemade pain cream. We have a larger bin in the closet with things like gauze, large bandages, and old knee braces as emergency supplies.

I also have a random collection of bentonite clay, homemade sunscreen, a loofa, and extra toothbrushes in another bin. The nail polish remover is in there too. (I know, toxic, I can’t be perfect.)

One thing I probably could have gotten rid of was my hot rollers. I rarely ever do anything with my hair, especially roll it, but I have the space for it and may as well keep it for the moment. If there is ever a time when I’m squishing it in, it will go.

There are of course some feminine products that will just receive an honorable mention.

In front of everything for easy access is my doTERRA unscented lotion and face wash, toothpaste, and avocado oil for my face.

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On top of the counter I keep my daily used essential oils, a basket of make-up, and obvious bathroom sink items.

It may seem a little odd to tour someone’s bathroom cabinet, but I hope you found it semi-interesting. I really like to keep things to the minimum and that means making sure to keep it organized and to go through things often. There is always a need to reevaluate if something is necessary or not.

The main thing is also to not pile up too much stuff. Besides the hot rollers and some of the medical gear, I frequently use all the items in my bathroom cabinet. I like knowing that the items I have are useful and not just taking up space.


How can you simplify your bathroom cabinet?


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6 thoughts on “Peek into a Minimalist’s Bathroom Cabinet

  1. It is good to go through those cabinets once in a while and purge… stuff does build up… we just recently did one of the bathroom cabinets and it is so much easier to find things now. :)

  2. Stuff really does seem to almost multiply while it’s in those bathroom cabinets doesn’t it?! I am a minimalist in progress, and this is one of the last areas of the house I have yet to get control of the “stuff”. I have cut it in half over the last few years at least, but there is still so much that I don’t use on a regular basis. This is great inspiration!

  3. We simplified by getting rid of our under-sink cabinet when we renovated, instead getting a pedestal sink (makes the room feel bigger!) and open shelves over the toilet. Now we keep everything in reused glass jars or reed baskets on the shelves, and because it’s all visible (and reflected in the mirror) we’re motivated not to let clutter accumulate. Another advantage of the shelves is that they aren’t damp like under-sink cabinets can be, so there’s no mildew problem.

    Here’s how you can minimize those feminine supplies!

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