Finding Holiday Peace



November is here and with it comes the beginnings of the holiday season. First, we get to celebrate an often overlooked holiday, Thanksgiving. What a wonderful day that is! A day dedicated to be thankful for all the blessings that God has bestowed upon us. It is such a blessing in and of itself to be able to set aside a day for feasting and reflecting on all that God has given us.

Then comes my favorite, Christmas. There is something warm and fuzzy that takes over my heart when I think of Christmas. A lot of it stems from the wonderful traditions that my family kept when I was growing up. And now with a family of my own I am so happy to start our own traditions and to keep the magic of Christmas alive. It is the best time of year to celebrate the grace and mercy that God gave to us as a free gift.

But not everyone has a wonderful time during the holiday season. For some it becomes overly stressful as parties, shopping, and holiday events are packed into our already busy lives. Some have struggles with family gatherings. There can be past hurts that have not healed and are always brushed under the rug. Some are truly lonely this time of year as the loss of a loved one becomes more acute or maybe there was never anyone for them to share it with in the first place.

This year, as the season of holiday joy comes around, I want to encourage you to reach out to others. Keep your view outwards. It will help you notice the hurting person waiting in line to buy a pair of Christmas socks. It will allow you to keep your focus on what truly matters, a connection with other people and a chance to show Christ’s love.

Pray for God’s presence in your life so that you can shine in the way he designed. And although you are most likely becoming more and more busy as this season approaches, make sure and take time to sit at Jesus’ feet and enjoy his presence. It is so important to set aside time to spend with our Savior. The catchy words of the season, thankfulness, peace, joy, grace, all of those have a purpose in our lives beyond the holidays. Seek God’s presence and live those out daily.

I realize that I wrote a more heart felt post last week on Halloween. I suppose I’m feeling a little sappy lately. I’ve been praying for more of a Mary heart to balance my Martha personality and this is what’s happening. So bear with me. I won’t forget about my DIY and recipes! I certainly enjoy that very much and I know you do too.

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