The Benefits of Baltic Amber

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If you have been around any crunchy mama circles, you most likely have notice their babies wearing brown and yellow beaded necklaces. Even many of the mamas are wearing them too. I was very curious as to why these mamas were putting necklaces on their babies! I quickly found out that they are Amber necklaces.

What is Amber?

Amber beads are much more than a fashion statement. There is a wide variety of benefits from wearing them. It is a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory remedy that has been used for ages. You know I like natural!

Baltic Amber is most commonly used for pain relief, which is why you will see it on babies. It helps tremendously with teething. On a baby it will help soothe the pain, reduce drooling, and calm the crankiness that comes with teething. This is why so many babies are wearing these necklaces.

History of Amber

Some of the peoples of middle age Europe believed Baltic Amber had “healing energies.”  They found it to cure many ailments and cause one to feel better in general. Rich and poor utilized amber to tend to their needs. Now, I’m not one to believe in “healing energies”, but I do believe it worked for them. We know now that amber contains succinic acid. A strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory component that benefits the body greatly.

How does Amber work?

When heated by your skin, Amber releases the succinic acid which is absorbed into your body. This natural pain reliever can help with many inflammatory issues such as arthritis, joint pain, headaches, growing pains, menstrual cramps, restless leg syndrome, and dental problems.

Succinic acid can also help boost your energy levels, assist your immune system, and reduce anxiety. The wide variety of benefits from this acid have even been noticed by big pharmaceutical companies. It can be found in many pharmaceutical drugs. I’m not at all a fan of pharmaceutical companies, but it does show that there is something to be valued in succinic acid.

Because some of these big companies use succinic acid, there is some scientific research done on it, but there is not much specifically on Baltic Amber. Since there is evidence of succinic acid aiding in certain ailments, and a lot of personal testimony on its benefit, I think it’s worth a try. Of course I would rather utilize a more natural method of absorbing it, which is why I choose Baltic Amber.

Too good to be true?

Some say that using an amber necklace is just utilizing it’s placebo effect. From personal experience I would disagree. I use an Amber necklace on my little guy for teething. He doesn’t know that the beads are supposed to make him feel better. They just do. I notice when he is not wearing the beads because he is much fussier and not his usual happy self.

There are also others that say the risks of choking or strangulation are just too high to put a necklace on a baby. Obviously, it should be used with care. It is advised to not put an amber necklace on a baby when they are sleeping or unattended. I would hope that most parents would have the sense to know that.

If you are going to try an amber necklace, it is important to find raw Baltic Amber. There are some vendors that have jumped on the bandwagon and started selling fake amber to keep up with the “fad”. True Amber is sourced from the Baltic Sea and Lithuania. You can find amber beads that are raw or polished, and both will retain their beneficial properties. There are several ways to test your amber beads to see if they are authentic. There are some ways to do that here. 

However you look at it, Baltic Amber can be beneficial. Many moms, myself included, wouldn’t want to face teething without it. There are also many adults that use Baltic Amber and have found much relief for their pain issues. Here and here are vendors on Amazon that are legit if you are interested in purchasing some Amber beads.

Have you had any success with using Baltic Amber?

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