A New Year’s Theme

New Year's Theme

I don’t like resolutions. I think they tend to be unachievable goals that just set us up for failure.

Yet, the new year is a wonderful time to start something fresh. It is a new beginning and a good time to evaluate goals and personal growth. So, instead of a resolution, I pick a theme word for the year.

My desire is to truly understand what that word means and how it applies to different aspects of my life. But I don’t randomly pick a word, I prayerfully consider what the Lord wants to teach me in the next year.

This past year was Peace.

Oh, what a word. It does not mean what I thought it meant! I have learned quite a bit on the meaning of peace and how to apply it to my life.

The common idea of peace is tranquility, a quiet day at the beach, sipping little drinks out of coconuts with umbrellas.  That doesn’t happen with a baby around.

When I first chose peace, I thought I was praying for and wanting to achieve the quiet stillness of peace. What I didn’t know is that the peace that transcends all understanding runs so much deeper than I could imagine.

God’s peace, is a peace of comfort. It is him standing at the door guarding our hearts and minds. It is us knowing that he has us safe in his love. It is our lives in his hands, trusting him in the storm and the calm.

I can certainly strive for and attain the calm peace of a warm home. And many of our days are peaceful. Then there are days when all I can do is make it to the next nap time. In those times I am learning to keep in mind that God is present and loving me just the same. It makes me desire to keep my attitude in check and to not lose my temper when things don’t go my way.

Peace is a wonderful thing and I hope to carry what I’ve learned into this next year.

As I have considered what the Lord wants to teach me this next year, I have decided upon more of a phrase than a single word. Be Present.

be present

At this point I realize that I need to be present when I attend my baby, when I spend time with my husband, and when I study God’s word. I need to put down my phone, and focus my attention to the people I care about. I feel like this phrase will expand as I learn what God has in store for me. It will probably take me a year to break old habits and learn to focus better.

I may share bits of it as the year goes on. Sometimes it just clicks and I find a great way to understand my word or phrase and I just have to get it out!

I hope you have set yourself some goals or words that will make you a better person and grow you closer to God.

What is your theme this year?


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7 thoughts on “A New Year’s Theme

  1. I did this for the first time last year and loved it! My word for 2014 was intentional. I’m still deciding/praying about 2015. Be present is a great choice!

  2. Simply Intentional ( off to a good start-couldn’t just pick one word had to pick two. Ha)

  3. I don’t like resolutions, either! I actually did something a little different this year…Four different words for four different seasons of my life, depending on where God leads me in the next 12 months – contemplate, renew, thirst, seek. Best wishes to you, as you learn to ”be present”.

    1. Thank you! I worked on Renew a few years ago. I was amazed at what God had to teach me! It really helped me make some changes in my life. Blessings on your new year!

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