6 Reasons to Detox

6 Reasons to Detox

Is a detox just one of those fads the “health nut” people do?

Well, yes, there has been quite a fad of detox diets, pills, and quick weight loss schemes.

But there is some truth to the idea!

Unless you’ve gone uber green, there are many products and household items that contain chemicals that leave toxic residue in our bodies. Beauty products, candles, plastic containers,  even receipt paper and mattresses can contain toxins!

And of course non-organic foods have toxins and that goes straight into our bodies. Along with processed foods and drinks as well.

That’s just the surface of the toxins we come into contact with each day. I won’t continue on the negative though… there is hope!

You can detox your body to remove some of the toxins that have built up. A detox doesn’t only help remove toxins, but it can actually improve several areas of your health.

Top reasons to detox:

  1. Balance your body systems. Our bodies are complex, yet simple. There is so much going on at the same time and even a slight fender bender can cause a huge traffic jam in the flow. But a detox will optimize your body functions. If your body isn’t having to deal with toxins clogging the traffic flow then it will be able to work much more efficiently. Digestive, cardiac, immune, respiratory, nervous, hormonal. All of the systems of your body will benefit from the removal of toxins.
  2. Mental clarity and elevated energy levels. Not only is this a result of removing toxins, but also of your body functioning correctly. When the flow of cells and hormones are moving smoothly, the brain can work better and brighter. The energy boost comes from the body not being dragged down moving and storing toxins.
  3. Reduces stress. Your body is under a lot of stress when it is working extra hard to deal with toxins. Removing the toxins frees your body to work optimally, allowing less internal stress on your systems.
  4. Weight loss. Toxins are often stored in fat and slow the metabolism. Stronger body systems and reduced stress help aid the body in removing excess fat.
  5. Removes parasites and worms. These little buggers are often overlooked. The unwelcome guests often feed on toxins that are in our bodies. Getting rid of their food source will make them pack up and leave.
  6. May prevent disease. Having overtaxed body systems, stress, too much fat, and parasites can contribute to diseases of all kinds. Eliminating as many toxins as possible will help your body work against the underlying causes of disease.

Bonus: Utilizing a real food detox and creating a less toxic lifestyle will also slow aging. We all want to be younger and more beautiful and there is quite the link between the food we eat and the glow we radiate.

There are simple ways to detox your body. Not crazy diets or pills or water fasts or anything like that. But real food ways to help your body remove the toxins it contains and resist new ones.


The key aspects of a good detox includes making food choices that will better your health and be free of toxins. I doubt most of us can afford to go with all organic options, but we can try to make as many better choices as possible. This goes with conventional vs. grass-fed or pastured meats. And choosing little to no processed foods.

You can utilize real food ingredients such as this simple Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Elixir to help your body detox. It is an easy way to help your body remove toxins from the gut and get your digestive system on track.

It is also key to remove as many toxins from your body and household products as well. There are so many great recipes for homemade products such as shampoo and hand soap. Even making your own baby wipes!

In short, eat real food, remove toxins from your surroundings, and allow your body to work at optimal levels. That sounds pretty good to me!

Have you done a detox recently?

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6 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Detox

  1. Great info. I did 2 juice cleanses last year. I thought that I had the world’s lowest metabolism because I ate “clean” and did 8 hours of cardio every week. The cleanses helped me lose 26 lbs! And, I only do 3-4 hours of cardio a week now.

  2. Great post Heather! Many of my friends don’t understand the full concept of a detox… I’m in the middle of a refined sugar “detox” right now and I have seen significant changes in my body, mind, and overall well-being! I’ve found that detox baths are a great benefit to my plan of living a healthier lifestyle also.
    Thanks for linking up at MMC, I’m glad I found your site!
    Have a great day friend!

  3. Very good reasons! There is just so much pollution these days that even if one eats a perfect diet, there is still need for a cleanse (as you pointed out!:). Shared this. God bless! :)

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