Wellness Wednesday #2


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It’s Wellness Wednesday again! I hope you enjoyed last week’s link-up.

This week I’d like to highlight the benefits of Garlic. A staple ingredient in your kitchen!


Garlic is one of those wonder ingredients that we really ought to eat more of. It has amazing immune boosting power, helps reduce high blood pressure, aids in maintaining liver function, fights fungal infections, and has even been used to help prevent some cancers.

Allicin is the main component in garlic that brings about these health benefits. It is also the part that tastes and smells so strong! The fresher it is, the stronger the benefits of garlic. You can preserve the freshness of garlic by curing it. This will give it a longer shelf life allowing you to continue reaping the benefits year round.

You can simply add it to most any dish you create in the kitchen. I add it often to stir-fry, chili, and hearty meat dishes. It can also be taken medicinally. I suggest infusing it with raw honey first to increase the benefits and make it more palatable!

To get the most benefits from the garlic, it is best to cut or crush the garlic and let it rest before cooking or ingesting for medicinal purposes. The chemical reaction that takes place when the garlic clove is opened allows the allicin to reach its full health potential.

What is your favorite way to use garlic?

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