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DIY Herbal Body Oil update


‘Tis the season for sandpaper hands!

That sounds like fun. Right…

I don’t know about you, but winter dries up my skin like nothing else. My hands, my legs, and oddly my waist are the worst areas. I think it’s mostly from the heat running all day. Dry, itchy skin and static. Anyone else with me?

It’s time to take some drastic measures to battle this skin crisping season. Firstly, I have to make sure I’m well hydrated. It’s easier to not drink enough water in the winter because of the cooler weather. And that can contribute to dry skin. I’m measuring my water to be sure to drink my eight 8-ounces.

Next, I need to lather up with something moisturizing. I’m avoiding commercial lotions because of the chemical content. Many of them include some sort of alcohol which will ultimately make skin even drier. Not something I need right now. And the “green” chemical free lotions are just too expensive.

The answer is to make my own! Which is not a problem since I love to DIY.

I’ve made lotion bars, but they tend to leave my skin a little too greasy from the coconut oil. As dry as my skin is, I really don’t care for coconut oil based skincare products. I’ve attempted making body butter, but it never turns out well. Plus the coconut oil issue.

One day recently, as I was fed up with my dry, itchy skin and the options at hand, I went for my bottle of olive oil in the kitchen and rubbed down my legs. Relief! Finally! And then the idea came to me. Why not add some super nourishing oils and skin soothing herbs and make it a body oil? Yes!

Thus the DIY Herbal Body Oil is born.

Lavender Body Oil


There area variety of oils and herbs that will specifically nourish skin. Jojoba, avocado, aloe vera, and almond are the more common ones. They each have vitamins that will nourish your skin and aren’t nearly as heavy as coconut oil. Paired with olive oil, your skin will be left feeling smooth and moisturized.

Soothing herbs like lavender, calendula, and nettles are perfect to add to a moisturizing body oil. Infusing herbs into the oil adds extra benefits to nourish and strengthen your skin.

Lavender Buds


There are two methods to making your own Herbal Body Oil. One is for the plan-ahead types and is extremely simple to do, and the other is for the rest of us but also takes a little more effort.

DIY Herbal Body Oil



  1. If you plan ahead: Place the herbs in a jar and pour the first four oils. Stir gently to make sure the herbs are thoroughly moistened. Then depending on how big your jar is, fill with the olive oil. I used a half pint mason jar and it took less than 4 oz of olive oil. Place a lid on and label your jar with the date. It will need to sit for 4-6 weeks for the herbs to infuse into the oils.
  2. If you don’t plan ahead: Place your herbs and oils in a large saucepan. Heat the mixture on low for about an hour. The heating process will pull most of the beneficial nutrients out of the herbs into the oils.
  3. Once your herbs have infused into the oils, strain the herbs out and pour your body oil into an easy to dispense container. I used a small olive oil bottle that you would find in the kitchen. No top to screw off and on and it won’t gush out like it would in an open mouthed jar. You could leave the herbs in the oil if you like, after looking at my dispenser I think they would clog up the spout. It depends on what you use.
  4. To use your herbal body oil, simply pour a small amount of oil into your hands and rub onto your skin. You can easily use a lot or a little depending on the desired amount of moisture needed. I found that the scent of the lavender I used in mine was very subtle. Once I rub the body oil on it smells a little stronger. I may add some essential oils to increase the benefits of the oil and to give it a stronger scent.

After using this herbal body oil for a couple of weeks now, I don’t know that I’ll go back to lotions! My body is soaking up the luxurious treatment and is finally feeling some relief from the dry itchiness that plagues me. I don’t know if it’s just me that has such dry skin that I need straight oil to make it feel good, but I’m so happy to find something that works.

Body Oil 2

I find that making my own body products is so much better than buying them. I know exactly what’s in them and I can tweak it to suit my needs.

What are you waiting for? Go DIY!

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7 thoughts on “DIY Herbal Body Oil

  1. I think this would be great for me, especially in the winter. Does it leave your skin very greasy or does it absorb pretty well? Would you recommend it on kids?

    1. Hi! I found that it absorbs really well. Coconut oil seems to leave me greasy so I don’t use that any more. But these oils are much lighter. It also depends on how much you use. There’s been a few times I’ve put too much on and I’m a little oily. But the same goes for any type of lotion. :)

  2. Going to have to give this a try for sure. Pinning it for later – Thanks for sharing it with us. I have such trouble with dry hands in the winter, but this might just do the trick. Thanks! ~Victoria

  3. I too have had to resort to using straight oil for itchiness and dryness! I have had massively good luck using macadamia nut oil. Even when I don’t use it everyday and dry out some, the itchiness isn’t nearly so bad. Now I have to try your idea adding herbs to it. Thanks for the idea!

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