Wellness Wednesday #4 – Thyme

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Welcome to Wellness Wednesday!

This week I am highlighting Thyme.

I use this herb all the time in my cooking. I love the flavor! There are over 300 varieties of thyme, but for cooking, lemon thyme is the main variety used. It has a subtle green flavor with a slight warm tanginess that greatly enhances the taste of most any dish.

The health benefits of this hearty herb come from the most abundant element, which is thymol. This is a strong antibiotic and is also an antioxidant and antiseptic, making it excellent for fighting off infection. Before thymol was known, people used to put crushed thyme in bandages to help ward off infection.

Way back in the day, Hippocrates, “the father of western medicine”, writes about its uses for respiratory illnesses and since then it has long been used for issues such as bronchitis, respiratory tract inflammation, and whooping cough.

As a relative to the mint family, thyme is also very helpful for digestive issues. It can stimulate the appetite while boosting liver function, making your digestive system run smoother.

Thyme is often used in mouthwashes, to treat bad breath, and to relieve sore throats. It’s all around good for the mouth and throat!

Utilizing the essential oil of thyme can increase some of the benefits. Although, simply cooking with the herb more often is also beneficial to your body.

How do you use Thyme?

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6 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday #4 – Thyme

  1. Very interesting,I don’t think I knew that about thyme. I have been trying to learn more about more natural health for my family so this was a great post for me to read! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I never knew Thyme was so beneficial! I love using it when making chicken stock, and I thought is was interesting that it’s lemon thyme that is most often used. I discovered it’s lemony goodness once when I paired it with lemons on top of my pork chops once. I had no idea it went so well with lemons; an experiment that ended up well & that’s what I tell all my friends now. Pair it with lemons & you’ll be happy you did! :)

  3. We use thyme tea for coughs. It really helps! I have also used it to fight candida. I would use it for about a week and then switch to another candida killing herb to keep the candida from adapting.

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