8 Uses for Melaleuca Essential Oil

Eight Uses for Melaleuca Essential Oil Title 2

Do you want good skin, a strong immune system, and a clean home?

There’s an oil for that!

Melaleuca essential oil, or more commonly known as Tea Tree Oil, is one of the best essential oils to have in your cabinet. It singlehandedly purifies and cleanses you and your home, promoting strong immune support and protecting against seasonal and environmental threats.

There is a strong green medicinal scent that comes from Melaleuca when the leaves are steam distilled into an essential oil. This particular oil has been used for centuries for medicinal and wellness purposes. Australian aborigines would crush the leaves and breathe in the oils to promote clear respiratory function and rub it on the skin to speed recovery from injury. Even in WWI Australian soldiers were given Melaleuca in their first aid kits. The reason it’s been used for so long is that it works.

Now, even if you aren’t out on a battle field or the outback of Australia, there are a lot of other ways that you can use Melaleuca essential oil.

  1. Skin –Melaleuca essential oil works very well for soothing skin irritations or occasional breakouts. It can be applied neat or diluted with a carrier oil (which you can find here). I’ve used it in my mixture for washing my face with the oil cleanse method. It could also be added to an herbal body oil for an overall application to sooth any irritation.
  2. Hair – Melaleuca promotes healthy hair growth by soothing dry, flaky scalps and reducing dandruff. It can help ward of lice as well! Add it into your homemade shampoo or shampoo bars.
  3. Nails – Applying Melaleuca essential oil to your nails will help cleanse and purify them. You can apply neat or add to your foaming handsoap.
  4. Oral Health – I haven’t made my own toothpaste (yet) but Melaleuca essential oil is a great addition to keep your mouth clean. It promotes healthy gums and purifies your mouth. (If you have a great recipe for toothpaste let me know!)
  5. Immune system – Due to its purifying properties Melaleuca is an excellent immune booster. Diffuse when seasonal threats are high to help cleanse the air.
  6. Household Cleaning – Melaleuca is one of my favorite essential oils to add to my household cleaner to protect against environmental threats. It leaves your counters and bathrooms clean and smelling fresh.
  7. Laundry – To utilize its cleansing properties, you can add Melaleuca essential oil to your laundry as it is washing to give your load a boost. Just a few drops will do! It’s very potent.
  8. Air – There are amazing purifying properties to Melaleuca essential oil which makes it great to diffuse. You can add it to a mix of other oils like lavender or lemon and clean the air in your home.

As you can see, Melaleuca essential oil is a must have for any home! The varied uses make it one of the most popular essential oils. It cleans, purifies, and enhances your body and home.

I love using Melaleuca essential oil. I just refilled my soap with it today!

What is your favorite use for Melaleuca essential oil?


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5 thoughts on “8 Uses for Melaleuca Essential Oil

  1. Tea tree is one of my favorites. I used it in a scalp detox before, and woah. The results were incredible. I also put a drop of the oil in with grapeseed oil and rub all over my face when I have a breakout. It works 100x better than the store bought acne creams. Even friends of mine with bad acne have seen incredible results with it.

    Thanks for sharing over at Mom’s Morning Coffee! I’m glad I saw this!

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