Kitchen Gadgets for a Minimalist

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Have you ever walked through the kitchen gadget section at Bed Bath & Beyond? Wow. There’s a tool for everything!

There is no way I could fit every nifty gadget in my kitchen. I probably wouldn’t even use half of them anyway. There are many kitchen tools that really aren’t necessary. Especially those one use wonders, like a banana slicer. I mean really… just use a knife!

I did buy a special lemon/lime squeezer thing once. And it broke after a couple of uses. I generally could squeeze more juice out with my hands anyway.

Rather than really improving our life, too many kitchen accessories can overcomplicate things. It’s better to have a select list of multi-use tools that will aid your time in the kitchen, not add to it. Minimalism and function are important, especially when you are juggling a baby, a hungry husband, and a dog underfoot.

I’ve put together a list of my top kitchen gadgets for a minimalist  and tools that real foodie needs. This list is my personal favorites, you may need to add or subtract one or two to suit your particular needs. I’m skipping over the plates, cups, and silverware since that’s pretty much a given.

Quality Knives – We are starting with the basics here. If you are cooking from scratch, you will be cutting a lot of vegetables. Having a small set of sharp knives makes a huge difference to getting all your chopping done efficiently and safely.

A large cutting board – Skip over those puny little boards, get yourself a large wooden cutting board. The large amount of space gives you plenty of room to cut things up and shift them around to cut more things up.

Food Processor – I have a mini food processor, but a large one would be more versatile. Besides just slicing vegetables real fine, you can use a good food processor to make mayo, dressings, and sauces. I find it works much better than a blender for those types of recipes.

Vegetable peeler – Carrots, potatoes, parsnips. Although you can eat the skins on these vegetables, for most people they are more palatable if you peel the skin. A vegetable peeler makes this job so much easier.

Slow cooker or pressure cooker – I actually have both a crock pot and an electric pressure cooker. I love them both. I could live without one or the other since they will do essentially the same thing. But they were both gifts and I have room for them. If I did get rid of one I probably would get rid of the slow cooker. Even though I use the slow cooker for bone broth, I could adapt the recipe to work in the pressure cooker. I tend to forget to get things started early and end up using the pressure cooker anyway.

Stainless steel or cast iron pans – I have a set of stainless steel pans. I love them. I would love to move to using more cast iron. I just haven’t taken the time to season the one I have and it tends to stick real bad. (Just another thing on my to-do list!) I definitely don’t want to go back to using non-stick pans. The chemicals in the Teflon are just no good.

Glass storage containers – We often have a lot of leftovers so food storage is important. I’m slowly shifting my stash over to glass containers. I love using them over the plastic containers. I feel like the food stays fresher and I know it’s better to use less plastic.

French Press – Ok, I know this won’t be on everyone’s list, but French Press coffee is so good. I’ve used a regular coffee maker, and a Keurig, and a pour over cup. But the flavor you get from using a French press is just the best. It also takes up very little room and is great for a small kitchen. You can even steep loose leaf tea in it as well.

Standing mixer – I actually do not have one of these. I know. I’ve been resistant to owning one, but I’m not sure why. I probably would use it quite a bit. Part of it is because I know it’s mostly used for baked goods and I don’t bake much. But I’m sure it would come in handy for other things I would need to mix. Like coconut whipped cream…mmm.

This is a pretty short list, but you really could have a very functional kitchen with these few items! I do own more than this, but other than the rice cooker, I don’t use the other items very often. I could easily downsize my kitchen if I needed to.

Do you have a minimalist kitchen?


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8 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgets for a Minimalist

  1. So funny! I came to check you out after loving your comment on Vaccinations and I’d already been here today! I just didn’t have two hands then, so I pinned this post! Nice to “meet” you Heather!

  2. I’m really TRYING! My problem is that I have small appliances for now, and am trying to find non-electric versions for when the SHTF, and that is sure to be sooner than later, considering the way things are going! Even if it takes awhile, I want my daughters to have the things they will need to survive and be as comfortable as possible. So….having two of each, an electric version and a non powered version takes up lots more space. but I fell it is a wise choice.

    1. It is very hard to balance preparedness and minimalism! The key seems to be making sure it is something that is truly useful. Having non electric back ups is a very good idea!

  3. This is almost EXACTLY the same list that I have in my kitchen! I don’t have a pressure cooker, but I do have a slow cooker. The only other ones I have are a dehydrator and a grain mill. :) But the grain mill hooks onto my stand mixer, so it doesn’t take up much room. I love having ONLY what I absolutely need in my homesteading kitchen! Thanks for sharing at the Homestead Blog Hop this week. Love this post!

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