How to Remove Labels from Jars

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How to Remove Labels from Jars

For those of you that don’t know yet…I’m crazy about jars. (I have a whole kitchen cabinet dedicated to empty jars!)

I know it’s weird. I’m so minimalistic is so many areas, but I NEED my jars! And I hate to waste good glass. There has to be some sort of project or repurposed use for this collection.

Considering the many varieties of jars and bottles that I keep, you might think I’m an expert at how to remove labels. Well, I don’t know about that, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

My two secrets for removing labels are baking soda and lemon essential oil. Yep. Pretty simple!

jars with labels

The process isn’t hard at all. This probably goes without stating but make sure and start with clean jars.

First off, you need to soak your jars in the sink. Fill your sink with hot water and about three or four tablespoons of baking soda. Mix it in well so the baking soda dissolves and the water feels slippery. You only need enough water to cover the jars.

Let your jars soak for awhile. I usually just wait long enough that the water cools down. Maybe for an hour or so, I don’t think I’ve ever really timed it.

Now, you should be able to easily scrape off the label! I use this handy scraping tool. (It’s also great for getting cooked-on food off of baking pans.) But a spatula or your fingernails will work as well.

You will most likely get some sticky glue left on your jars. To avoid getting fuzz and having cloudy, sticky glass, you need to get the glue off. This is where lemon essential oil comes to the rescue! Put a few drops of lemon on the jar and rub it around with your finger to cover the stickiness. Using a dry cloth, rub away the glue.

Lastly, to remove any extra residue, clean the jar with soap and water. You are left with a beautiful clear glass jar that you can hoard away use to store your spices! Or use for any of the other amazing DIY projects you find on Pinterest.

clean jars

Pretty easy, right? There have only been a couple of jars that I have not been able to get the glue off of. The manufacturer must have used some sort of glue that could repair a space station or something. That glue is not coming off, ever. (Those jars are in the back of the cabinet as reserves in case I really need them.)

I may have a glass jar problem, but I do use them for food storage and spices and crafts. Saving spice jars is nice for storing homemade mixes like my roast rubs or taco seasoning! So if you want to start a jar collection too, now you know how to get those pesky labels off quickly and hassle free!

Do you collect jars too?


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  1. I reuse jars too. Mason jars especially to store food in my pantry, i.e. nuts, dried fruit, pastas, etc. When I reuse others they make nice gifts for candy, or flower vases and my favorite is using them as a way to wrap small gifts inside instead of bags or boxes. Giving you a shout out today on my blog for Friday Favorites!

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