Find Your Why

Find Your Why

Why do you do the things that you do?

That question is harder than it seems. It encompasses a lot. What area of life are we talking about? All of it? Part of it? Are we looking for a deep and meaningful answer? Or something just matter of fact?

In the courses and training I have pursued in blogging and my direct sales businesses (doTERRA and Jamberry), one of the main elements of success that is always taught is to “Find your Why.” Your Why drives your blog or business and helps you get through the hard parts and focus on what you truly want to share or accomplish.

As I’ve contemplated this for my various endeavors, I’ve wondered if it would be a good idea to have a Why for my role as homemaker.

Because, you know, it isn’t always easy. There are elements to being a wife and mother that aren’t so glamorous or easy. Having specific, single sentence of Why gives you a push through the hard days and into enjoying the little things.

  • Why do you scrub the toilets?
  • Why do you change that dirty diaper?
  • Why do you fold yet another load of laundry?
  • Why do you continually pick up the stray items that get strewn about the house? (again)

Not only are the Why’s of keeping the house in order important, but there are other aspects of homemaking that are worth questioning too.

  • Why real food?
  • Why natural health?
  • Why simple living?
  • Why green products?
  • Why shop local?

This seems like a lot of different things with various purposes. How can you tie it all into one sentence? Very carefully! It may take some time and thought to define your Why. But once you do it can create in you a more definite purpose.

I think it is a common struggle for people to wonder what their purpose is. Why do they need to do the things they do? What is the ultimate goal? And it is very easy to get lost in the mundane tasks of homemaking. How can sweeping the floor have a higher purpose?!

Somehow it does.

Prayerfully considering your why helps you define your identity. Ultimately your identity is in Christ. God has placed you in your role for a purpose and a reason. Ask Him to help you understand and define your Why!

Similar to creating a family mission statement, your Why drives you forward and is more personal than a family statement. Your Why can be light and simple: to create a clean and loving home in order to empower my family to go forth and be awesome.

Or it can be deep and profound: to glorify God in all I say and do in order to set a Christ-like example to my family and others. It could easily develop and change over time as well. Pick something simple to start and then as you dwell on it and find more meaning to your daily duties, adjust and redefine Why.

If you really need to you could write more than one Why. But I highly recommend keeping just one. Let that statement be your driving force to keep being the homemaker you were created to be. Once you find your Why, you will find more joy and peace in your day to day.

What is your Why?

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2 thoughts on “Find Your Why

  1. My WHY for taking care of my family is simple … because I love my God, I love my family and they both go hand in hand. So much today from young moms is they feel like they have to do everything. Simply taking care of your family, especially if you have children, because like it or not, you are preparing them for adulthood, doesn’t seem to be enough for a woman. To me, it is all in our attitudes and cleaning a toilet, won’t get you awards, won’t pay you any money, and won’t even get a thank you…but to God, He sees everything and He smiles down on us because we are doing it for the ones we care about, the ones He has entrusted to us.

    1. Attitude is a lot of it! I have to pray daily to keep my attitude in check. Especially with a toddler running around!

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