The Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

benefits of cedarwood eo

Have you ever opened a fresh bottle of Cedarwood Essential Oil and taken a good whiff?

You are missing out!

This is one of my top favorite essential oils because of the scent. It may be because I’m rather partial to the woods. The smell of this oil brings me right out into the forest, exploring the beautiful world around me.

Besides an amazing scent, Cedarwood Essential Oil has some fantastic benefits that date back to biblical times!

  • Supports healthy respiratory function and improves breathing
  • Promotes clear, healthy skin
  • Helps skin recover quickly from minor issues
  • Perfect for massage therapy to relax and soothe the body and mind

Cedarwood is derived straight from the wood of Cedar trees using steam distillation. These trees grow best in cold climates and can reach up to 100 feet!

My favorite way to use Cedarwood essential oil is to diffuse it in my home. The grounding scent promotes wellness and vitality. The homey wood smell is wonderful!

I also love the fact that Cedarwood essential oil will help keep bugs at bay. Add it to your favorite bug repellent blend or your dog’s shampoo. You can also put a few drops on doorframes or put it on cotton balls and place in drawers.

It can be added to salves or included in your facial care routine to brighten and tone the skin. I have not used it on my face yet, but I’m sure the experience would be relaxing.

I’m finding more and more uses for Cedarwood essential oil (and recently scented a batch of soap with it!). The benefits are wonderful and the scent is just what this forest loving girl needs.

How do you use Cedarwood Essential oil??

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