30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Wrap Up

30 day challenge wrap up

You know how some things go to plan and others don’t?

Yeah. This past month was one of those that didn’t really go to plan.

I want to share a quick wrap up on our 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. I’m not going to say we failed, but we didn’t succeed the way I envisioned it.

If you read in the beginning of June, we started a 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. My goal was to get back on track with meal planning and cutting out the processed foods and added sugar. I wanted to get my energy back and hubby wanted to lose a few pounds.

Well, I DID succeed at getting our meal planning on track again. It is so much better getting to the store with a list in hand! During the week I don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner and know that what I planned out is good and delicious.

With the meal planning comes the better food choices. I plan out delicious from scratch meals that are easy and full of nutrient dense foods. Creating the meal plan gives me the shopping list which helps me avoid the processed foods at the grocery store. When I wander the store without a list I come home with some really random items.

Hubby declared we were eating like “rich people”, which I will take as a compliment even though we spent the same or less than the previous months. It isn’t very difficult to cook real food on a budget. Be frugal with the meat and use lots of veggies seasoned with herbs and spices. It’s all about the spices people! Don’t skip over the seasoning!

We definitely succeeded in cutting some of the processed foods and eating more nutrient dense options. Simply by planning our meals and shopping with a list makes it so much easier for me to keep the junk out of the cart and pantry. If we don’t have the options of junk at home then I won’t be tempted to eat it!

I did not do so well making sure Hubby had lunch every day. For some reason this is my biggest failing in wifely duties (it’s my duty in our home, it may be different for others!). I honestly forget or get up too late to make it before he leaves for work.

Our Little Man is a late sleeping baby and I usually sleep until he wakes up. It’s kinda nice, but I really want to work on getting up earlier so I can get my day started. It’s hard to be a morning person when you stay at home and are naturally wired to be a night person.

I did not do so well with removing added sugar either. It’s not that I sit at home making dessert all day, but a spoonful of sugar in my iced coffee or leftover dessert brought over by friends are difficult for me to resist. I really struggle with the sweets issue and want to get a handle on it, but can’t seem to at the moment. I know what to do, I’m just not doing it.

The main goal of getting on the meal planning wagon again has been met. The other things fall into place as I continue to plan and shop accordingly. The real food lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle. It’s not something you do just for a time or a season. It’s for life. I love how I feel when my diet consists highly of vegetables and quality meats.

I’m planning to continue to work on the lunch thing and getting up earlier. I’ve said that for months now, but it’s gotta happen. Little Man is finally sleeping through the night like a big boy so I have no excuse for sleeping in late! And then I can get Hubby’s lunch made.

And those are the things I struggle with and go through. If that’s the worst of my worries I think I have a pretty blessed life. I am so thankful for the options of good food readily available. I won’t ever forget to be grateful for that.

What were your successes in last month’s Real Food Journey?

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30 Day Clean Eating Challenge


It’s time to jump back on the wagon.

You may recall my Saving Time and Money in the Kitchen series leading up to the launch of my eBook Planning with Purpose. Well, I must confess something, I haven’t been planning and we are eating too much processed foods.

I know! I need to practice what I preach!

I did really well adhering to the principles on Real Food eating that I wrote about in that series and eBook, but then something happened. I don’t know how to explain it other than life. Life happened and I got lazy and was not focusing on feeding my family as well as I could.

The results? I’m tired, don’t feel as well as I could, grumpier than usual, and bored of food. And that’s me. I won’t analyze the hubby or the toddler, but all to say we could use a boost to get back on the Real Food wagon.

SO…hubby and I have declared a Clean Eating Challenge for the month of June. Not only to get back on the wagon with some good food choices, but we also have some goals to reach. June will be a good month for us and so it begins.

When I’m referring to Clean Eating, I’m not talking about a list of things we can’t eat. I don’t “diet” or count calories and never will. I believe it is unhealthy and counterproductive. It makes a lot more sense to get a list of all the amazing real food options that you CAN eat and stick to it.

Have you ever tried a Whole30? That is an AMAZING way to learn how your body reacts to certain food and to regain a handle on how food makes you feel. Since I’ve done a Whole30 before and learned what foods make me feel bad or that I don’t really like, I’m not going quite as strict.

Our basic guidelines of food we will eat this month are quality meats, veggies, fruits, and fats. Think about it. There are a ton of foods that fit in those categories! We will include rice occasionally and some dairy. (Which are off limits in a whole30 or strict paleo diet.)

The main thing we want to focus on is cutting processed food and refined sugar. Not that big of a list!

In order for us to be successful in this I need to make a plan. I have to be ahead of the game on this one for sure. The challenge is not so much breakfast and dinner, but lunch for the hubby. He’s on the road and packing a lunch is hard since he’s not going to eat a salad everyday! (I wouldn’t want to either.)

And so, I’m telling you all this now to keep me accountable to stick with it! Hubby wants to shed a few pounds and I want to feel better and tighten up before I turn 30. (I’m not ready for that!) Choosing to eat strictly clean for a month will give us a kick start in the right direction.

From experience I can tell you that once you get on the Real Food wagon, you’ll want to stay on it. The energy, good sleep, brighter skin, clear mind, and overall wellbeing are totally worth it. Your tastes change in thirty days of clean eating and you really begin to just want to good food.

I challenge you to stop right now and just make it happen! Make your meal plan and eat the good stuff. There’s really no reason not to. Life still goes on at the same pace, why not feel better in the midst of it? I know I’m ready.

So, who’s in? Are you ready to get back on the wagon??


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