How to Make Lavender Simple Syrup

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How to Make Lavender Simple Syrup

Have you ever tried lavender in your coffee?! AMAZING!

I would not have thought that lavender would pair well with the rich earthy flavors of coffee, but it does.

Just imagine the sun is rising, you are sitting in a rocking chair on a beautiful porch overlooking the serene beauty of the forest. You’re sipping on a lovely cup of goodness that brings into your soul all the wonderful feelings of joy and joyness. Add into that mix the delicious floral aromas of lavender. Calm, sweet, heavenly lavender.

Now, before I lose my non-coffee drinkers, this isn’t just about the coffee. You too can enjoy the delicious taste and flavor of lavender in a variety of ways. Keep on reading!

You might say I have a thing for lavender. I rarely go to sleep without rubbing a bit of lavender essential oil on my wrists before bed. I love using lavender in my homemade soap and body oil. The soothing scent combined with the sweet aroma lifts and calms me.

I honestly didn’t care for lavender before I discovered the essential oil and the dried flowers. Most commercial uses of lavender always had an off scent to them that I couldn’t place. Now I’m assuming it was the artificial aspect of lavender scented things. They tried, but you just can’t beat the real thing.

Lavender Simple Syrup 2

Back to the subject at hand, lavender simple syrup is a treat. It uses refined sugar, which I know is not a real food item, therefore, I really only use this recipe for special occasions. (Or on occasion because I made this batch up for the sole purpose to enjoy it and share with you.)

Lavender simple syrup is of course delicious in coffee. Just add a dash of milk and there you go. Sweet, floral, and yummy. But it also tastes amazing in lemonade, orange juice, tea, and steamed milk. I’m thinking of trying a bit of it in some oatmeal with a little cream!

You could definitely come up with some delicious ways to use lavender simple syrup. The key thing to remember is you only need a little bit. You might be surprised at the amount of flavor it adds.

Lavender Simple Syrup



  1. Heat ingredients in a small saucepan on high until boiling. Reduce heat and let simmer about two minutes. Let cool. Pour into an airtight jar or container. (These work really well.) Store up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Have you tried lavender in your coffee?


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Peppermint Coffee

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In my previous life I worked at Starbucks Coffee Company. During my time there I became a Coffee Master. That isn’t just a self-claimed title of expertise. I studied and learned a lot about coffee farming, growing, processing, roasting, distributing, tasting and marketing. I must admit I was a coffee nerd. Part of my requirements to gain the Coffee Master certification was to present a coffee tasting. (Insert here the story of how me and my husband met. :) ) Having learned the joys of coffee in its pure form, brewed in a French Press, I was hooked on black coffee. I especially enjoy a fresh cup when I can sit on my front porch and enjoy the morning sunshine.


These days my mornings are more rushed (office life, bleh). I don’t get to make a French Press very often and sit on my porch to enjoy it. So I have turned to a conventional coffee maker. I grind fresh every morning and I use a mesh filter to get the most flavor out of my coffee. But it doesn’t always taste very good. Sadness.

What can I do to make it tastier? There’s always cream and sugar. But dairy doesn’t sit well with me so I avoid it. And sugar in the morning (or anytime really) is not good either.  Premixed creamers have all sorts of weird artificial flavors added in to preserve freshness and to “enhance” the experience.  Plus they are mostly dairy based which again doesn’t work for me. What else can I do!? Lets try coconut milk! Its rich and creamy, has a mild flavor that doesn’t take away from the coffee and adds just a bit of zing. YET something is still missing. If I’m going to avoid the coffee-ish flavor by adding things in it really needs something special. In steps Peppermint.

Now, because I’m not mainstream and I can’t seem to do things the way “normal” people do them, I’m not going to use Peppermint flavoring found in the baking aisle at the grocery store. I have found that these flavorings usually have corn syrup or soy something or other added in. I don’t like additives. Especially corn or soy anything. I use Peppermint Essential Oil. (Make sure it’s certified pure therapeutic grade if ingesting!) One drop of that stuff and wow! A whole new coffee experience!! Its like heaven in a cup! Creamy, rich, delicious and a punch of flavor.

Easy to do and tasty to drink. On the days when a black cup of coffee isn’t what I’m wanting or I don’t have time to make a press, I reach for the coconut milk and peppermint. It makes for a very happy morning.

What’s your favorite coffee flavoring?

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