DIY Dog Shampoo

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DIY Flea and tick repellent dog shampoo

You know one of the best parts about living in the woods??

We can open the door and let the dog run out, free to explore the woods! Our lab mix, Bella, loves running in the woods. And she is FAST. She’s mixed with something that gives her speed. Like crazy fast speed. It’s hilarious to watch her run.

Bella is fast, beautiful, and loves to roll in the mud. No matter if we are outside for five minutes or an hour hike, she will find the mud. Which means she gets a lot of baths. Thankfully she has a good attitude about it. She doesn’t love them, but she will glumly walk to the tub when we tell her it’s time for a bath.

Just like our human selves, we don’t buy commercial products to bathe and wash our lovely pup. For one, I think it’s a little silly to buy expensive products, like dog shampoo, for a pet. (Don’t get me wrong, she IS part of the family, but she is still a dog.) Also, if I won’t use chemical products on myself, why would I use them on my beloved Bella?

Most of the time if I have a batch of Liquid Shampoo made up, I’ll just use that on her. But lately since we’ve mostly been using Herbal Shampoo Bars, I need something different for her. Partly I don’t really want to rub a soap bar on her and then on me. I love her, but sharing soap is a little over the line.

Another great reason for a separate dog shampoo for Bella, is I can include essential oils that help repel ticks and fleas! We haven’t had many fleas, but we get terrible ticks out in our woods and are constantly picking them off of Bella. They aren’t as bad when she is frequently washed in her own shampoo.

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DIY Dog Shampoo



  1. Mix ingredients in an old shampoo bottle or recycled jar. Use as needed on your dog to lather well.

I’m sure you know how to wash your dog so I won’t go into all the details. But, I can tell you that I have got to get one of these. I don’t know why I haven’t. Using an old cup is terribly annoying.


Bathing our sweet pup is almost a daily occurrence in the summer. Now we double up our bath with a dog shampoo that includes a flea and tick repellent that works great! She still gets a tick here and there, but it is reduced and that’s something I am very happy about.

What do you use to wash your dog?

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