The Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

benefits of cedarwood eo

Have you ever opened a fresh bottle of Cedarwood Essential Oil and taken a good whiff?

You are missing out!

This is one of my top favorite essential oils because of the scent. It may be because I’m rather partial to the woods. The smell of this oil brings me right out into the forest, exploring the beautiful world around me.

Besides an amazing scent, Cedarwood Essential Oil has some fantastic benefits that date back to biblical times!

  • Supports healthy respiratory function and improves breathing
  • Promotes clear, healthy skin
  • Helps skin recover quickly from minor issues
  • Perfect for massage therapy to relax and soothe the body and mind

Cedarwood is derived straight from the wood of Cedar trees using steam distillation. These trees grow best in cold climates and can reach up to 100 feet!

My favorite way to use Cedarwood essential oil is to diffuse it in my home. The grounding scent promotes wellness and vitality. The homey wood smell is wonderful!

I also love the fact that Cedarwood essential oil will help keep bugs at bay. Add it to your favorite bug repellent blend or your dog’s shampoo. You can also put a few drops on doorframes or put it on cotton balls and place in drawers.

It can be added to salves or included in your facial care routine to brighten and tone the skin. I have not used it on my face yet, but I’m sure the experience would be relaxing.

I’m finding more and more uses for Cedarwood essential oil (and recently scented a batch of soap with it!). The benefits are wonderful and the scent is just what this forest loving girl needs.

How do you use Cedarwood Essential oil??

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DIY Dog Shampoo

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DIY Flea and tick repellent dog shampoo

You know one of the best parts about living in the woods??

We can open the door and let the dog run out, free to explore the woods! Our lab mix, Bella, loves running in the woods. And she is FAST. She’s mixed with something that gives her speed. Like crazy fast speed. It’s hilarious to watch her run.

Bella is fast, beautiful, and loves to roll in the mud. No matter if we are outside for five minutes or an hour hike, she will find the mud. Which means she gets a lot of baths. Thankfully she has a good attitude about it. She doesn’t love them, but she will glumly walk to the tub when we tell her it’s time for a bath.

Just like our human selves, we don’t buy commercial products to bathe and wash our lovely pup. For one, I think it’s a little silly to buy expensive products, like dog shampoo, for a pet. (Don’t get me wrong, she IS part of the family, but she is still a dog.) Also, if I won’t use chemical products on myself, why would I use them on my beloved Bella?

Most of the time if I have a batch of Liquid Shampoo made up, I’ll just use that on her. But lately since we’ve mostly been using Herbal Shampoo Bars, I need something different for her. Partly I don’t really want to rub a soap bar on her and then on me. I love her, but sharing soap is a little over the line.

Another great reason for a separate dog shampoo for Bella, is I can include essential oils that help repel ticks and fleas! We haven’t had many fleas, but we get terrible ticks out in our woods and are constantly picking them off of Bella. They aren’t as bad when she is frequently washed in her own shampoo.

dog shampoo ingredients

DIY Dog Shampoo



  1. Mix ingredients in an old shampoo bottle or recycled jar. Use as needed on your dog to lather well.

I’m sure you know how to wash your dog so I won’t go into all the details. But, I can tell you that I have got to get one of these. I don’t know why I haven’t. Using an old cup is terribly annoying.


Bathing our sweet pup is almost a daily occurrence in the summer. Now we double up our bath with a dog shampoo that includes a flea and tick repellent that works great! She still gets a tick here and there, but it is reduced and that’s something I am very happy about.

What do you use to wash your dog?

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5 Fresh Spring Essential Oil Blends

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5 Spring Essential Oil Blends


The best part about Spring is the fresh breeze flowing through open windows in the house. Hearing the birds chirp and the trees sway in the wind is soothing and brings with it all kinds of joy!

With the freshness of the air, I like to add a little extra something to enhance the scent of my home. I have five essential oil blends to lighten the mood, wake you up, or soothe the soul. The blends can be put in a diffuser or used in a spray bottle to spritz around the house. (Recipe below!)

Citrus Woods:

  • 5 drops Wild Orange
  • 3 drops Lime
  • 2 drops White Fir

Fresh Mint:

Sleepy Hippy:

  • 4 drops Patchouli
  • 4 drops Lavender
  • 2 drops Vetiver

Flower Patch:

  • 5 drops Clary Sage
  • 3 drops Lavender
  • 2 drops Geranium

Into the Forest:

  • 5 drops White Fir
  • 4 drops Cedarwood
  • 1 drop Rosemary

5 fresh blends final

To use these blends in your diffuser: follow the directions in your particular model. I like this one here.

To make this into an air freshener spray:

Fill a small glass spray bottle almost to the top with water. Add in 1 tsp of witch hazel or vodka (to keep the pump working smoothly). Add your essential oil blend. Spray around the room to freshen the air!

The strength of your spray will be determined by the size of your spray bottle and how much water it holds. If you have a larger bottle and want a stronger scent, just double or triple the essential oil blend recipe.

blend bottles stacked

It’s very easy to make! I like to rotate the essential oil blends to add different scents to the air. I also like to keep one spray bottle in the bathroom and one in the living room. That way I have my spray easy to reach.

What essential oil scents make you think of Spring??


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5 Reasons You Need Epsom Salt in Your Life

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5 reasons you need epsom salt in your life title

It seems like every other day there is some amazing “cure-all” that comes flashing through my newsfeed.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric, Tea Tree Oil, Coconut Oil, and the list goes on!

What’s the latest? Epsom Salt.

I’ve seen various reports on it here and there but haven’t really paid much attention. (I’ve been busy using Turmeric and Tea Tree Oil to see how they benefit my life!) One day recently, my Hubby asked if we had any Epsom Salt because he needed a foot soak.

Well sure! We happened to have some stuffed in a corner in the bathroom. We fixed up a soak with Epsom Salt and essential oils to soothe his tired feet and improve circulation. He said it felt amazing and asked me to buy more Epsom Salt.

At that point I decided to look into the benefits of Epsom Salt to see if it was really all it’s cracked up to be. Let me tell ya, it looks pretty promising.

epsom salt

Besides just giving you a relaxing foot bath, there are five main reasons that you need Epsom Salt in your life:

  1. Detox your body. The chemical compound of Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulfate. Both of these elements are easily absorbed into the body. The sulfates naturally remove toxins from your cells helping your body flush them out. A regular detox is great for your body and you can benefit from Epsom Salt whether you take a full bath or just a foot soak.
  2. Reduce inflammation. The magnesium in Epsom Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory. For sore muscles, cramps, joint pain, and bruises, an Epsom Salt soak or compress will relieve inflammation.
  3. Exfoliate your skin. Our skin is pretty amazing. It is our largest organ and is constantly regenerating itself to protect us and keep our bodies in one piece. It is important to exfoliate often to remove the dead skin cells to keep our skin soft and breathing freely. A scrub for your hands, feet, body, or face will greatly benefit your skin.
  4. Relieve constipation. For the occasional back-up, Epsom Salt can be taken internally as a saline laxative. Use 2 tablespoons in warm water once daily. If symptoms persist check with your doctor.
  5. Regulate blood sugar. Magnesium and Sulfate both assist the body’s ability to make insulin. Taking Epsom Salt may help reduce risk of diabetes and other sugar related issues.

Bonus benefits: Epsom Salt is great as an abrasive substance for cleaning pots and pans or tile and grout. It can also supply nutrients to your garden as plant food!

Epsom Salt may not be on the “cure-all” list but it will greatly benefit you and your household in various! If you don’t have any, you need to get some Epsom Salt today. (Find a carton of it here!)

And since you probably want to know, here is the recipe for my husband’s relaxing foot soak:

Relaxing Foot Soak

Relaxing Foot Soak


  • 1 gallon of hot or warm water (personal preference)
  • 1 cup of Epsom Salt
  • 5 drops each of Thyme, Peppermint, Clary Sage, Wintergreen essential oils


  1. Mix all ingredients in a small tub.
  2. Soak feet until water cools.
  3. Enjoy the relaxing aroma! The Epsom Salt promotes detoxification and relaxation. The essential oils promote circulation, detoxification, and cleanse the feet and nails.


How do you benefit from Epsom Salt?


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DIY Static Stopper Spray

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DIY Static Stopper

I don’t know about you but I’m going nuts over here.

This winter has been cold and that means the heat is running a lot. The heater sucks all the moisture out of the air and I’m left with dry skin and static clothes. That kind of combo can drive anyone up a wall!

I’m starting to solve the dry skin problem with my Herbal Body Oil. That has helped tremendously. I’m also trying some dry brushing. I’ll let you in on that secret when I’ve given it some more time.

The major issue that is left is the static. A little here and there isn’t too much of a problem. But I’m tired of my shirts, hair, and pajama pants sticking to my body! Maybe it doesn’t bother others as much as me but I can’t take it any longer.

Often times when the static is overtaking my wardrobe I’ll run to the bath room and run some water on my hand and then sprinkle it on my clothes. This kind of works but I end up with wet splotches on my shirts. Not really a big deal but also kind of annoying.

Then I figured out to put some water in a spray bottle. Duh! It shouldn’t have taken me this long to figure out. The spray bottle mists an even amount of moisture over my clothes. It gives me just enough to counter the dryness and stop the static.

I also figured I could put some essential oils in the bottle as well. Then I can smell nice too. (Because face it, moms don’t get to shower every day.) A little freshening up never hurt anyone! I chose some invigorating, fresh scents from the citrus family for this spray bottle. Lemon, Grapefruit, and Wild Orange are some of my favorite essential oils.


So if you are suffering from static taking over your life, this might help you regain your sanity until the end of winter.

DIY Static Stopper Spray



  1. Fill your bottle almost to the top with water.
  2. Add essential oils.
  3. Shake well.
  4. Spray on static clothing or hair as needed.

You could easily make any sort of essential oil combo to suit your needs. Here are some oil combination ideas:

So far this DIY Static Stopper Spray is working very well. I even sprayed some around the room to add some moisture and freshen the air. I will probably keep this spray bottle by my side for the rest of winter!

How do you deal with the dry static of winter?

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How I Beat a Winter Cold Naturally

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How I Beat a Winter Cold Naturally

I had something else planned for y’all this fine Monday. But life sometimes throws you for a loop.

First off, we had an ice storm. So I was iced in for quite a few days and starting to go stir crazy.

Then, Little Man started either coming down with a bug or some bad teething was going on. Regardless he had his first runny nose! I know, we’ve been extremely blessed to not have to suffer through any baby colds or illnesses this first year, I will always be happy about that.

But from the lack of sleep and stress of being stuck inside tending to the little man, I got hit with a bug. The first time I’ve been sick in almost two years! I’ll count my blessings with that as well.

The positive of this past crappy week was that I finally got to try some of the natural remedies in my arsenal. I’ve used my essential oils quite a few times when something was starting to hit me, and was successful to knock it out before any type of cold developed. I think that has also helped little man as well. (Hubby doesn’t count because he has an immune system like I’ve never seen before. He’s only been sick like once or twice since I’ve known him.)

Without farther ado I will share what has worked me this week.

Note: I am not a doctor and am not giving you medical advice. I just want to share what worked for me and my family. You can read my full disclosure here.

I stuck with homeopathic remedies for little man. He has responded well to the homeopathic teething gel that I’ve given him in the past so I assumed it would work well for him with a cold. At the first sign of runny nose I gave him Aconite. I gave that to him throughout the day and it did help. His nose never progressed to anything worse that a little dribble here and there. It still may have been teething and not a bug at all.

Something was definitely off for him though since he was very clingy at night. He would not sleep without me holding him. So in order to make sure we all got some rest, little man and I slept on the couch. I didn’t get much sleep but little man and working dad did. Two nights of this and I started to go downhill.

I got one of those really painful raw sore throats. At first sign of the sore throat, I drank some hot lemon water with raw honey. I also put On Guard essential oil blend on topically and took an Echinacea and Thyme tincture, followed up with some honey infused garlic later in the day.

natural remedy line up

I kept up with the herbal tincture throughout the day and drank a few cups of Chamomile tea. The warmth felt so good on my throat. I took the day off of everything else and just rested while tending to little man. And by tending, I mean I caged him in an area of the living room so I didn’t have to chase him all day. He was feeling much better. I kept him on the teething gel for naps since that seemed to help.

Throughout the day, the pain in my throat continued but moved around. Any type of movement in a cold is good! By evening it was much less raw but I was starting to get congested. I oiled up again with On Guard before bed and also some Breathe respiratory blend. Little man was pretty much himself. I gave him some Chamomile to help him sleep.

The next morning my throat was still a little raw and I was congested big time. It was time to move onto homeopathic remedies. I started with the essential oils because I’ve had a really good response to them since I started using them a few years ago. It seems like they helped things move along, but I was ready to really kick this bug. (You can’t use essential oils and homeopathic remedies at the same time. The oils are so strong that they will mess up the efficacy of the homeopathics. They can be used alternately and still be effective.)

I started with Rhus Tox as that seemed to be the right remedy for my symptoms and took that throughout the day. I actually took a nap too. I was pretty zombie-like by evening and my cold was definitely an Arsenicum cold. I had a couple of doses of that before bed. I felt like my cold was continuing to move around though which meant the remedies were working.

Little man went to sleep super easy (Thank the Lord!) and so I was able to get to bed early as well. When he woke up to feed, I used some Breathe respiratory blend again since I was pretty congested. I rubbed some on my chest and neck and my congestion cleared up enough for me to get some solid sleep!

I’m still feeling a little nasally and am taking it easy today. (No laundry allowed!) But I feel so much better. I am impressed again with how quickly and effectively home remedies can work. Using a combination of real food, herbs, essential oils, and homeopathic medicines, I kicked this cold fast!

Well this was supposed to be a really short post, but I guess I had a lot to say after being off my computer for a few days!

How have you used natural remedies to improve your family’s health?

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12 Ways to Use Grapefruit Essential Oil

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12 ways to use grapefruit eo

Energizing, uplifting, cleansing, purifying. Grapefruit essential oil is a mom’s best friend.

Grapefruit got its name because of the way the fruits cluster together resembling grapes on a vine. It’s not exactly known where it originates from but some say Jamaica. Regardless of its origins, grapefruit has long been admired as a multi-purpose fruit!

Filled with antioxidants and rich in d-limonene, grapefruit is known for cleansing and purifying. But the uses for grapefruit essential oil go far beyond just cleaning your home. You can utilize the properties of grapefruit essential oil to promote wellness in many areas of your life.

Here are some fantastic ways to use grapefruit essential oil:

Household cleaner – Add 6-8 drops of grapefruit essential oil to a quart of water or citrus infused vinegar to create a cleanser for surfaces in your home. Make sure and shake the bottle before each use since the oils will rise to the top.

Air purifier – Diffuse grapefruit on its own or as a blend to purify the air and create a refreshing environment in your home. (I like this diffuser!) You can also add several drops to a small bottle of water and spritz around the room as an air freshener.

Skin cleanser – Mix grapefruit essential oil in your favorite blend of carrier oils for the Oil Cleanse Method to cleanse your skin. It is great for those with oily skin types as it helps balance your skin’s production of natural oils to a more normal level.

Ease mental fatigue – To boost your brain after an exhaustive study session or tiring event (or even just a day chasing a toddler!), place a few drops of grapefruit in your hands, rub together and then breathe deeply. The scent is very invigorating!

Increase metabolism – Before meals and throughout the day, add 1-2 drops of grapefruit to a cup of water to boost your metabolism.

Sharpen focus – Diffuse grapefruit essential oil in the room when you need to focus on a project. It enhances your focus and memory functions.

Relieve minor skin irritations – Diluted grapefruit can relieve the sting from bug bites or minor skin irritations. It is not recommended on open wounds, as it can cause irritation for those with sensitive skin.

Curb cravings – When a craving for sugar hits you hard, put 1-2 drops of grapefruit in a cup of water and sip. It will help reduce your craving and can help you with your weight loss goals.

Relieve monthly cramps – For some women, grapefruit works wonderfully to relieve monthly cramping. When cramping occurs, simply rub 1-2 drops on your abdomen along with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or almond oil.

Elevate energy levels – Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee for an afternoon pick me up, take a good whiff of grapefruit essential oil. As with easing mental fatigue, rub a few drops in your hands and breathe deeply. Or diffuse to boost the morale of the whole room.

Ease joint pain – If suffering from minor join pain, rub 1-2 drops of grapefruit with a carrier oil directly on the area of discomfort.

Support body systems – Due to the cleansing and purifying properties of grapefruit, it can benefit your body systems in many ways. It aids in boosting your immune system, improving liver function, and to pump your lymphatic system. Add a few drops to your water or in a capsule. Or apply a few drops topically over the area of concern.

The many wonderful uses for grapefruit! I am particularly fond of the energy and focus benefits. Sometimes my afternoon writing session drags on and I can’t get a good thought flow. Grapefruit has also saved me many times as a mom needing a boost or to clear my head when little guy is on the move. I always make sure to have a supply of grapefruit essential oil on hand for the many occasions that I need it!


Have you benefited from Grapefruit Essential Oil?

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