DIY Lip Balm

3 DIY lip balm recipes

Are you a lip balm connoisseur? Picky about what goes on your skin and lips? Outraged at the high price of natural products from big stores and little vendors?

It’s time to start making your own!

Lip balm is very simple to make. I can make a batch in about ten minutes and it gives me about 10 tubes of amazingly silky soft lip stuff.

And it’s cheap. It costs about $2.00 for a whole batch of DIY lip balm. Yeah. Totally worth it!

Its an amazing gift for friends and family. Give them a tube of lip balm that you made and you’ll be admired for years to come. It’s like science.

So are you ready for three amazing DIY lip balm recipes?? Check out my guest post on Smithspirations! I share all the fun details on my secrets to amazing lip care. —> DIY Lip Balm Recipes!!

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Open For Business!

I’d like to announce my new Etsy shop Southern Vines Soap Company is now open for business!

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I make handcrafted soaps using natural ingredients and pure essential oils. Most of my soaps are unscented or are very mild in scent. I’ve used quite a few samples and each soap lathers up amazingly well and leaves my skin nice and moisturized!

Also available are lotion bars and lip balm. I love the lotion bars as an alternative to liquid lotion. The scent stays strong and they are super moisturizing. They are also excellent for traveling.


Take a peek and visit often! I will be busy making and adding new product frequently!

You can visit the shop by clicking here.