Wellness Wednesday #14 – Peppermint

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Ahh Peppermint. Makes me think of Christmas!

I know most of you aren’t even close to thinking about Christmas, but even without the festive holiday, adding a little peppermint to your life is beneficial!

Peppermint is a hybrid of water mint and spearmint. It comes from Europe and has been used for thousands of years for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. (Plus it tastes amazing!)

This leafy herb is most used as an aid for digestive trouble. All aspects of the digestive system are benefited from Peppermint.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Cramping
  • Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating

And that’s just digestive!

The strong menthol component to Peppermint creates a soothing effect for various issues such as mild skin irritation, sore muscles, headaches, tension, fevers, and respiratory troubles.

Sipping on a hot cup of Peppermint tea is very soothing if you have a cold or cough! It also relaxes the mind by reducing stress and regulating blood flow. Drinking a cup of tea before bed will really help improve your sleep!

Peppermint also has some antimicrobial benefits as well, making it excellent for use in soaps, shampoos, salves, and scrubs. You can use the herb to make a tincture to add into your household products or use the essential oil.

Adding fresh peppermint to salads is a really tasty way to mix up the flavor of your meals! It pairs well in Mediterranean dishes as well as Thai or Indian foods. Personally, if I ever get my herbs growing again, I love to keep peppermint so I can easily add the fresh leaves to various dishes and make tea for bedtime.

What is your favorite use for Peppermint?

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Wellness Wednesday #12 – Chamomile

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Chamomile is one of my new favorite evening teas. It is extremely calming and helps me wind down before bed.

But this flowering herb goes beyond just providing a calming effect. There are other wonderful benefits to using chamomile!

Chamomile is native to Europe and has been used for timeless years as a home remedy for various complaints. The two most common varieties of this healing plant are Roman chamomile and German chamomile. The flowers are daisy like in appearance and offer numerous health benefits.

When taken internally chamomile can ease:

  • Sleep trouble
  • Anxiety
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Heartburn
  • PMS symptoms

Chamomile has strong anti-inflammatory properties which make it excellent for soothing internal issues as well as topical. You can use chamomile topically to speed healing of skin irritations, wounds, and burns. One source I read suggested setting cooled tea bags on your eyes to reduce dark circles. I could use that!

As one of the most commonly used herbal teas around the world, chamomile has a good reputation for good reason. It is an all around delicious choice for soothing and calming. I love a cup of chamomile tea in the evenings to relieve the stress from the day and prepare my body for sleep.

I don’t believe chamomile is often used in cooking, so unless you like to sprinkle flower petals on your salads, it might be better to incorporate this in your diet as a tea. Or use the dried flowers in your soaps and salves. That is one of my favorite uses as well.

Do you like chamomile tea?

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